Fractal Acupuncture

Fractal and Taoist Acupuncture Professional Diploma Course

Returning to the Spirit in Acupuncture

The aim of the course is to provide participants with a clear understanding of the principles, theory and application in the Art of Fractal Acupuncture, and an ability to be highly competent and confident professional practitioners.

Upon completion, and after fulfilling the criteria, graduates will receive a Diploma allowing them to gain insurance through Balens Ltd. and practice Fractal Acupuncture professionally.

The course is suitable for an absolute beginner or a postgraduate practitioner looking to add an extra dimension to their practice. For a postgraduate practitioner, each module can be studied individually.

Overview and Course Format

There are six modules taught over 12 months. This is 108 hours of in person instruction. In addition to at least 6 online sessions (amounting to another 108 hours) which will be for questions, revision and clinical practice. The studio at Serenity Escape, Co. Mayo will be available to get together for this. Throughout the course and beyond graduation, I will offer unlimited support via email, phone, or online.

This is an intense period of study. Besides the contact hours, students will need to be self-directed in reviewing and assimilating the material, refining techniques and developing a self-cultivation practice. As stated, I will give full support to get everyone up to the required standard to qualify.

This is the foundation of the Art. We cover the essential principles, theory and application of the Tao of the single needle.

We begin to explore the concept of time, channel theory and the Six Harmonies and how we apply them into a treatment.

This application is based entirely on time. We explore ancient Taoist ways to irrigate the 8 Extraordinary Channels, most notably with the 8 Techniques of the Magic Turtle.

Self cultivation forms part of every module, here we deepen our practice and devote more time to cultivation through qigong and neigong.

Taoist medicine is the Art of change. We explore the Yi Jing and its application in medicine through the concepts of Fractal Acupuncture.

All the principles covered up to this point are applied to the treatment of the Tan Tien and abdominal region. 

Self Cultivation

We place a great emphasis on self cultivation and is integral to the Art. Each module has a specific Neigong set designed to complement the material presented. There is a natural progression, beginning with building the Qi ball, developing the Tan Tian through to the more complex Bagua Neigong and the Eight Extraordinary Channel Qigong.

The fourth module gives us an opportunity to really deepen our practice. Learning forms and meditations to increase our own vitality, sensitivity and to develop a clear intent.

About The Art

This is an opportunity to study a unique form of acupuncture. The core of the Art is the method of applying the principles of fractals to the body that was devised by the late Dr. Zude Ye. A Taoist Monk, Traditional Barefoot Doctor and biostatistician. Steve Rogers, who now presents the course, apprenticed with Dr Ye. It was through Dr. Ye’s encouragement and insistence that Steve now teaches and writes about the Art.

Dr. Ye had a fascination with mathematical patterns in nature, most notably the occurrence of the Fibonacci sequence, and the self-repeating fractals. He combined his knowledge of Taoist and Classical medicine (ancient chronotherapeutic acupuncture and Yi Jing) with the principles of fractals and holograms to create a complete cohesive system of acupuncture. At the foundation stage, it is quick to learn and simple to apply. There is enough material presented for practitioners to spend a lifetime developing and mastering.

What You Will Learn - A Brief Overview

How to apply the principles, theory and application in the Art of the Single Needle. Ashi point location and palpation skills. Needling techniques. Identifying the Life Kua. Identifying the Universal Balance Point. Single needle treatments.

An introduction to the Chinese Body Clock and its application in medicine. Three methods of balance. Sacred geometric needling patterns. Six Harmonies and their relationship to medicine.

Chronotherapeutic acupuncture – The 8 Techniques of the Magic Turtle – Ling Gui Ba Fa. Irrigating the 8 Extraordinary Channels. Application of the magic square and Bagua in medicine.

Yi Jing as it relates to medicine. Casting the yarrow stalks to form hexagrams. Interpreting them for diagnosis and treatment. Using seasonal and favourable hexagrams.

Tan Tien and abdominal treatments applying all the former principles and theory.

Many Neigong practices to improve one’s own health and vitality and to enhance the application of acupuncture.

About The Course

One Year to Learn, Ninety-Nine to Master.

The main question potential participants have is ‘how can they become an acupuncturist in such a relatively short time’. The structure of the course takes a complete beginner to a highly competent practitioner. This is just the beginning of the journey, as further understanding reveals itself as one practices.

Unlike TCM courses, the student is not required to learn hundreds of acupuncture points. There is very little 

emphasis on the history or development of medicine, and no business tuition. A guiding principle is understanding the art through application. Participants will be very comfortable needling after the first weekend.

Whilst there are no formal qualifications required to apply for the course. The only prerequisite is applicants be self driven and motivated. This is an intense period of learning, and absolute commitment is required. All participants will receive as much support as they need to flourish into exquisite acupuncturists.

Course Syllabus

This is the subject of the book by Steve Rogers. It is required reading before the course as it will allow us to begin practical application from the start. All students will receive a free copy upon booking. The core principles are covered in this module.
  • How to identify the Universal Balance Point
  • Dividing the body by the Golden Mean
  • Using fractal theory to segment the body
  • Holographically mirroring the body in each part
  • Ashi point location
  • Life Kua and magic square
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Treatment applications
  • Treating Jing
  • A single needle treatment
  • Chinese body clock application in medicine
  • Yin/Yang paired channel balance
  • Vertical paired balance
  • Horizontal paired balance
  • Sacred geometric needling
  • Theory of correspondence
  • Introduction to channels
  • Treating Qi
  • Anatomy of the 8 Extraordinary Channels
  • Ling Gui Ba Fa – The 8 Techniques of the Magic Turtle
  • Calculating The Open Gates
  • Yuan Points
  • 8 Master Points – The keys to the extraordinary channels
  • Taoist Cosmology
  • Treating Shen
Each module has a specific Neigong set related to the material. We begin with connecting to our own Qi. Developing sensitivity and increasing vitality. Circulating and consolidating Qi in the Tan Tien. Learn the channels through meridian Qigong. Cultivating compassion with Fusion Alchemy, sensitivity with Buddha Pam and intent with Return to the Source Neigong.
  • Wuji
  • Meridian Qigong
  • 5 Element Qigong
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth
  • Building the Ball
  • Compressing the Pearl
  • Nourishing the Organs
  • Opening the Microcosmic Orbit
  • Opening and Closing Mingmen
  • Forming the Tan Tien
  • 8 Extraordinary Qigong set
  • Return to the Source Neigong
  • Buddha Palm
  • Dao Yin
  • Fusion Alchemy
  • Bagua Neigong
  • Shen Gong
The assessment is a combination of clinical based observation, a written exam, case studies and homework. The exam and assessments are usually the areas students find most stressful. Steve is here to get everyone up to the desired standard and will do everything possible to achieve that. He is pleased to offer every student a free Psych-K session, which can help eliminate limiting belief, self doubt or stress around a situation. (This will be discussed on the course). This weekend will be an opportunity to really establish and deepen our own Qigong practice. We will look at forms to develop vitality, focus, and intent. And take time to relax and enjoy cultivating Qi. The material covered in this module is vital for acquiring the skills required to be the best acupuncturist possible.
Taoist Medicine is the Medicine of Change
  • Yi Jing and its application in medicine
  • Formulating a question
  • Casting the yarrow stalks
  • Creating and interpreting hexagrams
  • Diagnosis and treatment using hexagrams
  • Seasonal and Favourable hexagrams
  • Divination
  • We look at 6 points; Sea of Qi, Celestial Pivot, Spirit Gate, Supreme Unity, Central Pole and the Gate of Original Qi and their importance in medicine.
  • Methods of diagnosis – Ashi, palpation and observation.
  • Opening the 8 gates and chasing pathogenic winds.
  • Nourishing the 8 Extraordinary Channels
  • Sacred geometric needle patterns for the Five elements.
  • Utilising the Bagua and Trigrams to balance the 8 energies through the Life Kua.
  • Identifying an appropriate trigram with the Yi Jing.
  • Trigram needling patterns.
  • The use of moxa.
  • How to treat Jing, Qi and Shen within the abdomen.


Tuition Fee - € 3260*

Additional costs are travel, meals and accomodation

Individual Module – € 360 (for existing acupuncturists)

Post Graduation

The material covered provides the potential for a lifetime’s worth of study and practice. There are further aspects of the Art to explore; future modules will include Spinal and Mingmen acupuncture, a greater perspective of the Tan Tien, Diagnostic methods, Taoist Cosmology, The Soaring Eightfold Method, the Bazi, further exploration into the Yi Jing, and of course a deepening of our self-cultivation practice with Neigong.

There are graduates based throughout Ireland, UK, Portugal and France. We would be delighted for you to join them in this expanding community of practitioners.

About Steve Rogers

Steve has been involved in Martial and Healing Arts for over 30 years. He has made several long-term trips to the Far East to study. But was fortunate to meet his principal teacher, Dr Zude Ye, only 6 minutes from home! After having served a traditional apprenticeship with Dr Ye, and with his permission and encouragement, Steve now writes about, practices and teaches the Fractal, Taoist and Classical Acupuncture methods presented and maintains the 400 year old Zude family Lineage.

For further information and to book please contact Steve

Tel :07588 329 399,


Taoist medicine aims to realign the body to its original, primordial (Yuan) state.


The study of acupuncture is a lifetime’s undertaking. You will continue to gain deeper understanding as you practice. A principle we apply is ‘understanding through application’ The course is highly practical and through this you will assimilate and embody the material much more readily than just trying to remember facts and information. My promise is to bring everybody who commits to the Way up to the required standard to become highly accomplished acupuncturists.

There are dozens of styles of acupuncture, broadly in two categories, Classical and TCM. TCM is a Point-Action method. A point is selected by the action it has on a specific symptom. Classical places a greater emphasis on Spirit (Shen) and cultivation. The application of self cultivation and a deep appreciation for Shen in medicine is fundamental to the Art of Fractal Acupuncture, a Classical style of medicine.

In addition to the contact hours outlined in the course overview. We will schedule regular online calls to further review material and answer questions. Throughout the length of the course and beyond graduation I will be available for unlimited support via email, phone or online (whichever is the most appropriate). Students are also encouraged to form study and practice groups to support each other.

You will have the ability and skills to become a highly competent professional practitioner. Insurance is available through Balens Ltd. (I will discuss this during the course) There is a great deal of guidance available to set up a practice. Further postgraduate studies will be available and, of course, ongoing support. There is enough material covered to provide a lifetime’s worth of practice. The availability of post graduate modules ensures room for continued growth and learning.

A nonrefundable deposit of € 360 is required upon booking. There is a 10% discount if the fee is paid in full before the 31st December 2022. 3 instalments of the remaining fee can be paid by May 2023. Please enquire to discuss further options.

Aside from the obligatory attendance. It is really up to the individual. This depends on your ability to assimilate
the material. The more time you devote, the deeper your understanding will be. However, it is required that
you develop a daily self cultivation and application practice. Ideally, a minimum of 1 hour per day. Of course,
there is no upper limit, more is better.

PSYCH-K is an amazing modality which, through its application, identifies and removes limiting beliefs rooted
in the subconscious. We can eliminate stress around a situation and instil a positive mindset. It is quick, simple
and highly effective. A free session will be available to all attendees either in person or remotely.

There are no formal qualifications required. Any Anatomy and Physiology qualification would be helpful, but not essential. All that is required is a deep commitment to the process, which is assumed because of your application to the course. However, if you do not know of Chinese medicine, there will be some additional learning required. At the foundational level, a basic understanding of the Five Elements and the concepts of Qi would be beneficial. Additional study may be required.